Curriculum for Students

The Academy is a nurturing and challenging environment for cadets in grades 6th thru 12th. With a rigorous curriculum the Upper School (9th thru 12th) will promote the development of respectful, thinking, responsible, and ethical young men and women. While the curriculum easily supports preparatory work for university and college, it is more than that as it enables cadets to prepare for whatever the 21st Century will bring. The faculty and the staff are geared to prepare the cadet for whatever he and she may face – not just in a classroom, but in life.

Too successfully graduate from The Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy requires the successful completion with a passing grade in all required courses and a GPA of 2.0 or better overall. In addition, all EOC requirements must be met. The Paul R. Brown Academy requires each cadet to successfully participate in its leadership program every year of attendance, meet attendance requirements, perform community service as directed by grade level, participate in the summer reading program, complete and defend a Senior Research Project starting in 2017-18. The High School Requirements which are subject to modification are listed below:


Four English Credits:
Ninth Grade – English I
Tenth Grade – English II
Eleventh Grade – English III
Twelfth Grade – English IV
Four Mathematics Credits:Credits: (Cadets will follow two tracks based on the math courses that were taken in eighth grade) Track 1 - Track 2
Ninth Grade Algebra I - Geometry
Tenth Grade Geometry - Algebra II
Eleventh Grade Algebra II - Pre – Calculus
Twelfth Grade Pre-Calculus/AP Calculus/Principles of Business & Finance
Four Science Credits:
Physical Science
Earth Science
Advanced Biology
Five History Credits:
Government and Economics
World History
US History I
US History II
African American History
Two Foreign Language Credits:
French I, II
Spanish I, II
Chinese I, II (beginning 2017-18)
One Health & PE Credit:
9th Grade Health & PE
Elective Requirements:
Creative Writing
Art (Visual Arts, Yearbook, Drama)
African American Literature
Three Leadership Credits:
Navy Sea Cadets I, II
Drill & Ceremonies I